As we work from home, the need for a good webcam becomes more and more necessary. I’ve recommended the Logitech C922 webcam to many people when they ask which product to get, however I really wanted to understand the quality difference between the various options.

Today we have a comparison between the Aoboco Stream Webcam:
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Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream Webcam:
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The LG Ultrafine 5k display:
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My general thoughts are: For around $50, the Aoboco Stream Webcam is a great deal. The only downside is the audio is not as good as on the LG or the Logitech to my ears.
The image quality on all three was quite good, with the Logitech and the Aoboco looking more cool (blueish) than the LG warm (yellowish). Personal preference will likely matter on whether you prefer the warmer tones or the cooler tones.
Audio quality was pretty similar on the LG and the Logitech and quite good. All three would certainly sound decent in a group Zoom call or one-on-one virtual meeting.
The Logitech had nice LED illumination that lit up when the camera was active. The Aoboco offered a much brighter and adjustable ring light that could be enabled at any time.