WOW Owl - Rehoot!You’re the best — angels on wheels! I’m in heaven — having moved from my old PC and now running everything on the Mac Mini, which I love. Such a huge relief! Now that everything has been successfully transferred and the printer and email are up and running, I bought an awesome 22″ monitor that is perfect for me, with fantastic clarity, along with a wireless mouse and a deluxe camera that works with Skype.

Thanks for everything, including the updated Address Book, iPhoto, iTunes, fax system and my new Mac training skills!

Believe me, I’ve talked up a storm about how helpful you are and I will most certainly pass your name around. In fact, I ran into a friend last night who will probably need help as well.

2020 followup: As always, impressed with your knowledge and skills and how prepared you are when we work together.

Redwood City, CA


WOW Owl with iPodSteve Jobs should be extremely proud of your customer service and dedication to Apple. I’m writing with the highest praise for your tech expert because he not only resolved the complex printing problems I’ve had ever since installing the new OS several months ago, but also fixed over a dozen other problems that Applecare could not handle. Before your expert arrived, I was so frustrated that I considered reformatting my entire hard drive and starting over! Instead, your Genius-level tech worked on my complicated situation as efficiently as possible and solved absolutely everything over the course of an entire day’s work, which is some indication of the complexity involved. After suffering so much computer-related agony over the last three months, it was a day well spent for the results that I got. I can’t praise your tech expert highly enough for so quickly resolving every single problem. He was a wonderful listener, extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, and handled it all in a manner that was very calm, patient and focused. In short, he was a godsend.

Campbell, CA


Thank you for all the work you did over the weekend to make our company’s video presentation and PowerPoint project a success! I was in the video production room with the producer from Cisco Systems and he was extremely pleased. We could not have had such major success without Wizdom On Wheels’ tech expertise and we’re very appreciative!

Redwood City, CA


Thanks, David.  My only feedback is that you are so knowledgeable, low key and awesome.  I really appreciate all your help and patience.

Los Altos, CA


WOW Owl with ComputerI’m a VP at a medium-sized business that does important advisory work for many C-level executives at Northern California’s largest corporations. Our computer systems are vital to our work and when some important files became corrupted, a fellow manager and I went to the local Apple Store for some immediate help. The people at the Genius Bar were very nice and answered some of our initial questions, but it became clear that we really needed to hire an expert who could assist our company on site. So the Genius Bar staff referred us to Wizdom On Wheels, where the tech expert who was assigned to help us did work that has been beyond impressive! He has massive knowledge about all things related to Mac hardware and software. Here is some of what he accomplished for us:

– Upgraded 14 computers with the newest operating system and the newest version of Keynote

– Cleaned up the formatting on all of our hard drives, and pinpointed a drive that was best off being swapped out and recycled

– Re-loaded the slide sets on all 14 computers, checking for corruption and fixing whatever was necessary

These upgrades resulted in immediately increased speed and efficiency —
and peace of mind. The Wizdom On Wheels tech expert has become
a proven, invaluable part of our team and we’re thrilled to have him as a highly valued resource!

Redwood City, CA


WOW Apple TV SetupI’m an MD trained at several of the finest schools (UC Berkeley, Penn, Stanford) who suddenly became a quadriplegic in 1994 as a result of complications of cardiac surgery. Wizdom On Wheels is exactly the type of innovative company that makes it possible for disabled people like me to finally enjoy the amazing benefits of today’s most advanced hardware and software so that we no longer feel isolated from the world at large. The Wizdom On Wheels approach is a compassionate one that is an empowering resource for those of us with limited mobility, bringing the most advanced tech expertise and training directly to our doorsteps. Add to that the company’s support of non-profits and philanthropic foundations and it’s a virtual revolution in customer care!

Mountain View, CA


WOW MobileYour company is absolutely OUTSTANDING, the kind of computer resource that
everyone searches for but few ever find. Our story is that we hired Wizdom
On Wheels to unravel and fix a TOTALLY snarled mess that we had on our
business computers. We needed Mac OSX and Windows XP Pro and VMware Fusion to all “talk” nicely to each other, but that seemed like an impossibility.
And THEN we added several other pieces of hardware to the system, including
PDAs running on yet another operating system! So . . . what to do? Well,
we went price shopping and hired two I.T. consulting firms that charged us
for two days’ work but didn’t solve the issues. FINALLY we found Wizdom on
Wheels through a lucky recommendation and, as you know, the technician that
you sent to us is a TOTAL expert. Not only was he the genuinely nicest guy,
he knew EXACTLY what to do and accomplished more in 6 hours than the others
had done in two full days! So hiring your firm was worth every single
dollar. Finally the whole system WORKS! To sum it up: there’s nothing
better than peace of mind. Your company is simply outstanding. Thank you.

Modesto, CA

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