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Periodically I’ll be posting tips and techniques I’ve found helpful for various people. Some will be more technical, while others will be for the average person.

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  • Fixing WinMail.dat attachments in Office 365
    (Updated steps on 1/26/2023) Every once in a while Outlook will send out an attachment called “winmail.dat”. This attachment contains the contents of the email, attachments, and other formatting information that the original sender intended. If you or someone else is using an application besides Outlook such as an iPhone/iPad or Mac to check your
  • RingCentral tips – creating a holiday or vacation greeting
    Perhaps you’re hoping to change your greeting during the holidays or add a special greeting for when you’re away, you can follow these steps to create one that gives the message you want to say and then sends people to voicemail. 1) Go to and click Login in the upper right, then select Admin
  • Mac OS Ventura changes the System Preferences – Here’s how it used to look.
    The latest system software, Mac OS Ventura (Mac OS 13) brings with it a new System Preferences, now referred to as System Settings. The changes are attempting to align with the Settings app on the iPhone and iPad. For those of us who lead people through settings this can be a big challenge if we
  • Watch out for Email Scams!
    Over the past year I have been seeing an enormous increase in scams coming into my own inbox and those of my clients. Many people I know have already been scammed for upwards of thousands of dollars. Spam filtering helps a bit but every once in a while scam emails do come through. Be extra careful
  • How to shrink a PDF when you crafted a doc in Word or PowerPoint
    Sometimes you need to save a smaller version of your file or presentation in order to get it over to someone else. Email messages often only allow you to send emails with attachments of a certain size, like 5MB. Follow the steps below to use the Reduce File Size feature in the newer versions of
  • Formatting a drive for Time Machine use
    Occasionally you may purchase a drive that comes pre-formatted for use on Windows and will need to erase it to use properly on the Mac. Follow these directions to get your drive formatted for the Mac. If you already know how to use Disk Utility, the format information to choose is APFS or APFS (encrypted)
  • UniFi Dream Machine setup issues and potential resolution
    During the setup of various UniFi/Ubiquiti Dream Machines, I occasionally run into setup issues where the device is unable to get an internet connection during the setup phase. Often these are units that have sat on the shelf for a little while and have old firmware loaded onto them. In order to get them fully
  • Webcam comparison between the Aoboco Stream Webcam, the Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream Webcam and the LG 5k Display
    As we work from home, the need for a good webcam becomes more and more necessary. I’ve recommended the Logitech C922 webcam to many people when they ask which product to get, however I really wanted to understand the quality difference between the various options. Today we have a comparison between the Aoboco Stream Webcam:Purchase
  • Extra security when you travel – using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    One major tip security advisors recommend is to use a VPN when you’re connecting to a WiFi network that you have no control over. An example might be a coffee shop, hotel, rental home, or airport. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way to connect to another network from your phone or computer and
  • Apple One subscription woes and fix
    Apple One offers a subscription service to get many of the offerings Apple provides like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud storage, Apple News+, and the new Apple Fitness+. One of the key features of the Family and Premier plans is you can share the subscription with your family share members. Where things had
  • M1 – A new computer that felt dramatically faster than the last
    Several times in my experience I’ve felt dramatic improvements with computers I’ve purchased. The first time I got a 3D graphics card (VooDoo Banshee) on a 1990s Windows computer. The first time I installed a SSD (Solid State Drive) into a computer and experienced the before/after effects. The most recent time I built a PC
  • How to shrink a PDF file on a Mac without needing to purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional
    When you have a PDF file that is quite large and you want to try and make it smaller there are several options. Go back to the original file, such as Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, and try to use the tools inside that application to shrink the document and then save it out as a PDF file.
  • What to do if you get a blank sign in page when trying to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    I recently ran across an issue where I had downloaded Microsoft Office 2019 fresh from the internet, installed the software, then attempted to open Microsoft Word. Upon opening it asked me to activate/sign in. I signed in with the client’s email and password successfully however the next page was supposed to show what licenses were
  • Making your laptop more like a desktop – by connecting it to a display
    Many of my clients love their iMacs and other desktop computers, but they also want to take their system on the go. One option is to get two devices — a iMac that stays at home and a iPad or laptop that goes with you. Another option is to get a laptop and connect it
  • Comcast offering free internet for 2 months for Low-Income Families
    For anyone who knows or is a low-income family, I would recommend checking out the Comcast website I’ll include the link below for. Comcast is offering 2 months free service for the Covid-19 outbreak. The speed isn’t too bad at 25Mbps and free in-home WiFi.
  • Data Recover – Drive Savers virtual tour
    Drive Savers is my favorite partner for recovering info from all sorts of devices. They’re the only company I trust to send devices out to. Check out the video below for a look into their clean room and meet some of their reps. If you do need recovery, use our Referral code for a bit
  • iPhone Data recovery from Drive Savers
    Drive Savers is our favorite partner for recovering info from all sorts of devices including iPhones/iPads. They’re the only company I trust to send devices out to. Check out the video below for a look into their clean room and meet some of their reps. If you do need recovery, use our Referral code for
  • Setting up MalwareBytes on the Mac
    These steps will cover the download, install, and registration of MalwareBytes on the Mac. Some steps are optional depending on the version of the system software you’re currently running.Step 1) Open Safari and go to Step 2) Click the Free Download link on the page Step 3) Click the Allow on the dialog box (Skip
  • WOWCast Episode 4
    WOWCast Episode 4: Backing up your Mac using Time Machine and other options
  • WOWCast Episode 3
    WOWCast Episode 3: This episode covers the basic options for syncing your information wirelessly between your devices. Media Syncing options using iTunes (Music sharing), and iPhoto (PhotoStream) Software discussed in this episode includes Dropbox,, Google Docs/Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and iCloud. Hardware discussed in this episode includes NAS drives like Drobo, Synology, Buffalo, Western Digital,