These steps will cover the download, install, and registration of MalwareBytes on the Mac. Some steps are optional depending on the version of the system software you’re currently running.
Step 1) Open Safari and go to

Safari browser tab with in address field

Step 2) Click the Free Download link on the page

Introducing Malwarebytes 4.0 page with Free Download link and See Pricing link. Press Free Download.

Step 3) Click the Allow on the dialog box (Skip this step on older systems or ones this dialog does not show up on)

Do you want to allow downloads on dialog, choose Allow.

Step 4) Look in the upper right and click the Download icon, then double click to open the Malwarebytes pkg file.

Downward pointing arrow - the downloads icon in the upper right of the Safari window - click the icon and double-click MalwareBytes.pkg installer package.

Step 5) Click continue several times on the install window that appears.

Welcome to MalwareBytes for Mac installer window, click continue.

Important information window from installer, click Continue.

Step 6) Click Agree

To continue installing the software, terms of software license agreement, click Agree.

Step 7) Click Continue

Standard install on Macintosh HD window, click Install.

Step 8 ) Click Close  

Installer window, done installing, click Close.

Step 9) Click Move to Trash

Do you want to move MalwareBytes installer to trash? Click Move to Trash.

Step 10) Click Get Started

Welcome to Malwarebytes screen - click Get Started.

Step 11) Click for Personal Computer

Where are you installing Malwarebytes - click Select under the Personal Computer section.

Step 12) Click Use Malwarebytes Free

Step 13) Click Allow to give permission

Give Permission window, click Allow.

Step 14) Click Open Security Preferences on the dialog box that appears

System Extension Blocked window, click Open Security Preferences.

Step 15) Click the lock in the bottom left on the Security & Privacy System Preference window that came up

System Preferences window with Security & Privacy open. Click lock in lower left of window.

Step 16) Enter your computer’s username and password. If the username appears blank, try entering PSI Admin or your own name with Admin at the end

Enter your computer's password on the Username and Password dialog box.

Step 17) Click Allow on the right side of the window

Bottom right side of the Security & Privacy system preference window, click the

Step 18) Click the Privacy tab near the top of the window

At the top of the Security & Privacy window, click the Privacy tab.

Step 19) Scroll down the page a bit and look for Full Disk Access — click on it when you find it. On the right side look for “Malwarebytes Protection” and check the box to the left of it.

Privacy window, click the

Step 20) Optionally, look in the upper right of your screen and click “Don’t Allow” on the Malwarebytes Agent Notifications window.

In the upper right of the screen will appear a notification that asks Don't Allow or Allow MalwareBytes agent notifications. Click Don't Allow.

Step 21) Look on your dock for the blue MalwareBytes icon and click it to open the software

Blue MalwareBytes icon on the dock - click on it.

Step 22) Click “Scan” at the bottom of the window and see if anything bad is found — If anything is found, choose to clean it up and let David Rutan or Ralf [email protected] know. Consider taking a photograph with your phone or a screenshot with the computer and sending a picture of what MalwareBytes found to David Rutan or Ralf.

Malwarebytes window, click the