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Periodically I’ll be posting tips and techniques I’ve found helpful for various people. Some will be more technical, while others will be for the average person.

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Comcast offering free internet for 2 months for Low-Income Families
For anyone who knows or is a low-income family, I would recommend checking out the Comcast website I’ll include the
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Screen connected to Laptop
Making your laptop more like a desktop – by connecting it to a display
Many of my clients love their iMacs and other desktop computers, but they also want to take their system on
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Virtual Tour and info for Drive Savers
Data Recover – Drive Savers virtual tour
Drive Savers is my favorite partner for recovering info from all sorts of devices. They’re the only company I trust
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iPhone Data Recovery Video
iPhone Data recovery from Drive Savers
Drive Savers is our favorite partner for recovering info from all sorts of devices including iPhones/iPads. They’re the only company
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Blue MalwareBytes icon on the dock - click on it.
Setting up MalwareBytes on the Mac
These steps will cover the download, install, and registration of MalwareBytes on the Mac. Some steps are optional depending on
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WOWCast Episode 4
WOWCast Episode 4: Backing up your Mac using Time Machine and other options
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Winmail.dat graphic
Fixing WinMail.dat attachments in Office 365
Every once in a while Outlook will send out an attachment called “winmail.dat”. This attachment contains the contents of the
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WOWCast Episode 3
WOWCast Episode 3: This episode covers the basic options for syncing your information wirelessly between your devices. Media Syncing options
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WOWCast Episode 2
WOWCast Episode 2: Remotely access your home or work computer with these useful tools: Splashtop, Logmein,, TeamViewer, and Gotomypc.
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WOWCast Episode 1
WOWCast Episode 1: This episode covers the basic options for syncing your contacts and calendars wirelessly between your devices. Options
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