• Are you providing Onsite services at this time?
    Currently we are not going onsite to client homes.
    During Covid we shifted entirely to remote help services using the telephone, remote access software like Splashtop SOS, and video conferencing software like Zoom and FaceTime. Surprisingly with the right assistance and some patience most people have been able to do some pretty extraordinary things. Examples include: Setting up new computers, installing new network equipment, erasing old systems, troubleshooting issues, updating software and installing new software, learning how to use things even on the iPhone and iPad.
    I will be revisiting the choice of going onsite again in July/August and will likely be doing only one day a week of onsite tasks. Those tasks will have to be much easier to accomplish in person than remote. At this time our calendar is booked out most weeks, so adding an additional 1.5-3 hours of drive time is not possible.
  • What are your rates? Are the rates different for Remote vs Onsite?
    Our standard rate is $200/hr. We do offer some discounting for non-profits, retirees, and referrals.
    We have not changed our rates for 10+ years, so it is possible the standard rate and discounted rates will be revisited in the next year or two.
    Onsite appointments and Remote appointments are the same cost. Remote appointments can be done in smaller amounts of time and since we simply bill for the time spent a 15 minute remote appointment is more cost effective than the same 1 hour appointment onsite.
    At the moment we are not providing Onsite services. Once they are provided as an option the rate will likely be adjusted to compensate for drive time and other financial factors. Currently that rate has not been determined, however it will likely be 150% of the standard rate or discounted rate ($300/hr for standard rate).
    Our expertise is exceptional, and the time it takes to accomplish tasks is often much shorter than when provided by a less qualified expert. Training services are provided at the pace of the client, and the goal is to try and promote retainment of the lessons and to provide some notes to refer to.