I’m a VP at a medium-sized business that does important advisory work for many C-level executives at Northern California’s largest corporations. Our computer systems are vital to our work and when some important files became corrupted, a fellow manager and I went to the local Apple Store for some immediate help. The people at the Genius Bar were very nice and answered some of our initial questions, but it became clear that we really needed to hire an expert who could assist our company on site. So the Genius Bar staff referred us to Wizdom On Wheels, where the tech expert who was assigned to help us did work that has been beyond impressive! He has massive knowledge about all things related to Mac hardware and software. Here is some of what he accomplished for us:

– Upgraded 14 computers with the newest operating system and the newest version of Keynote

– Cleaned up the formatting on all of our hard drives, and pinpointed a drive that was best off being swapped out and recycled

– Re-loaded the slide sets on all 14 computers, checking for corruption and fixing whatever was necessary

These upgrades resulted in immediately increased speed and efficiency —
and peace of mind. The Wizdom On Wheels tech expert has become
a proven, invaluable part of our team and we’re thrilled to have him as a highly valued resource!

Redwood City, California