Steve Jobs should be extremely proud of your customer service and dedication to Apple. I’m writing with the highest praise for your tech expert because he not only resolved the complex printing problems I’ve had ever since installing the new OS several months ago, but also fixed over a dozen other problems that Applecare could not handle. Before your expert arrived, I was so frustrated that I considered reformatting my entire hard drive and starting over! Instead, your Genius-level tech worked on my complicated situation as efficiently as possible and solved absolutely everything over the course of an entire day’s work, which is some indication of the complexity involved. After suffering so much computer-related agony over the last three months, it was a day well spent for the results that I got. I can’t praise your tech expert highly enough for so quickly resolving every single problem. He was a wonderful listener, extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, and handled it all in a manner that was very calm, patient and focused. In short, he was a godsend.

Campbell, CA