Your company is absolutely OUTSTANDING, the kind of computer resource that
everyone searches for but few ever find. Our story is that we hired Wizdom
On Wheels to unravel and fix a TOTALLY snarled mess that we had on our
business computers. We needed Mac OSX and Windows XP Pro and VMware Fusion to all “talk” nicely to each other, but that seemed like an impossibility.
And THEN we added several other pieces of hardware to the system, including
PDAs running on yet another operating system! So . . . what to do? Well,
we went price shopping and hired two I.T. consulting firms that charged us
for two days’ work but didn’t solve the issues. FINALLY we found Wizdom on
Wheels through a lucky recommendation and, as you know, the technician that
you sent to us is a TOTAL expert. Not only was he the genuinely nicest guy,
he knew EXACTLY what to do and accomplished more in 6 hours than the others
had done in two full days! So hiring your firm was worth every single
dollar. Finally the whole system WORKS! To sum it up: there’s nothing
better than peace of mind. Your company is simply outstanding. Thank you.

Modesto, California