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 Non-Profit Organization & Charity Services 

Wizdom On Wheels™ is charitably-minded and includes a special focus on assisting 501(c)(3) nonprofits throughout Northern California.

Whether your organization is an emerging or mature nonprofit, and whatever the size of your group, WOW is ready to help with on-site assistance!

Our experts will come to you and seemlessly manage your computers, software, printers and all related technology.

We assist a full spectrum of nonprofits of all sizes, from grassroots, volunteer-based groups to public and private foundations.

Call today to set up a visit!

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Animal Protection * Athletics/Sports * Disabled Accessibility * Education At All Levels * Environment * Foundations/Endowments * Fraternal Groups * Health Care * Humanitarian Aid * Ladies' Organizations * Museums * Performing Arts * Political Groups * Religious Organizations * Senior Citizens * Service Organizations & Clubs * Social Issues Organizations * Volunteer Groups

Toll Free Customer Service: 1-877-723-4303   
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